63 Useful Gifts & Best Ideas For Travel Lovers 2023

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What does every travel lover really want? An all-expense paid trip to Bali. Where they can just get onto a plane because their bag is packed, the rest of their life is taken care of and they can just leave and go enjoy an all-expense paid vacation.

There, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get onto the rest of the gift ideas for travel lovers! I started to look at what I wanted for my next birthday and as a digital nomad who has been on the road for the last 9 months, I’m uniquely qualified to give you the best gift ideas for travel lovers! Plus, I’ve had the great pleasure of traveling internationally and domestically for a really long time.

This list was made to try and give you the best travel gift ideas – from business travelers to your favorite travel-loving friend. 

I’ve broken this down into categories – so if you just want a certain idea you can jump to: Travel Grear & Accessories, Convenience & Comfort, Technology & Gadgets, Travel Clothing & Apparel, Entertainment & Learning, Health & Safety and Experiences & Services.

Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 

Travel Gear & Accessories

1. Lightweight, durable luggage

    You have to bring stuff. No matter the kind of trip! Travel & Leisure listed this as the best budget pick the Amazon Basics 21-inch Hardside Spinner – but with a 4.6 stars with over 36,000 reviews on Amazon – I think it probably should have first place! 

2. Collapsible water bottle

    Not every trip can support having your stainless steel reusable water bottles come along. This Nomader Collapsable Water bottle is the perfect replacement is BPA free, leakproof, and is also dishwasher safe. It can withstand hot or cold drinks – so maybe two? One for coffee, one for water? 

3. Packing cubes

    If you haven’t jumped onto the packing cubes idea yet, I highly suggest you try it! It’s a dream not having to pack/unpack/repack/pack/repack again when you’re sifting through things. You can categorize depending on what the trip needs! Plus look how pretty they are.

4. Travel-sized toiletries kit

    As far as McGiver travel items, this is a favorite. You have zero idea how much I love it. It’s like its pockets have pockets. It folds open and holds a whole lot of stuff. Comes in two sizes, and many colors! You’ll likely find a toiletry bag color you love too.

5. Passport holder and travel wallet

    Two of my friends from my theatre life started this Leather goods company called Tactile Craftworks.. Their passport holders are a dream. Support small business artisans AND beautiful accessories? Yes, please.

6. Universal travel adapter

    Self-explanatory – You’ll need it for any international travel. This slider is a dream – no longer are the days of carting around 10 different plus.

7. TSA-approved luggage locks

    A great add on for $8.99 – and a needed item if there’s a hostel in your future.

8. RFID-blocking sleeve

    This might give some travelers some extra piece of mind, so why not? They’re inexpensive, small, lightweight.

9. Portable luggage scale

    We all know those overpackers, right? *cough*hi*mom*cough* So, this is well worth it! There’s nothing worse than being at the airport trying to get under the 50 pound limit. Again it’s small, inexpensive, and could save a lot of headaches!

10. Travel laundry bag

    These save you from the underwear smell test. You know, when you try and figure out which pair of underwear is still clean on the last day. Oh, that’s just me? Okayyyy. Moving on.

Gifts for Travel lovers

Comfort & Convenience

11. Travel pillow

Everyone’s favorite train, plane, and automobile friend! The Travel Pillow and this one is Memory Foam with a 4.3 with over 30,000 people buying it! If you’re in the middle seat and want that forward head drop situation – this one is 100% for you and inflatable! 

12. Noise-canceling headphones

I left the apple airport pro’s off this list – because I don’t believe in wearing things that you’ll cry if they get loston the trip. So here are two budget options: Ear Buds with over 63,000 people saying they’re awesome and Over the Ear DJ ones with over 94,000 people also saying they’re awesome!

13. Sleep mask

Doens’t have to be anything fancy! Just block the light – so I can snooze-a-doodle.

14. Earplugs

If you’re even thinking about trying to sleep in a hostel, then make sure you have these! Also if you’re on a trou where you’ll be sharing a room with strangers. Of course I want the reusable ones https://amzn.to/3pMqzif

15. Compression socks

If you haven’t gotten on the compression sock train – now is the time. Any trip, car, plane or otherwise that you’ll be sitting for more than 3 hours. You. Want. These.

16. Travel blanket

Depending on the kind of the trip, this can be quite the luxury to have! Sometimes in a pinch you really do just need a larger pashmina or to double your travel towel for a travel blanket!

17. Foldable travel slippers

These are stupidly multiple-purpose – especially if your trip has any outings where you might have on uncomfortable shoes! Stash these foldable slippers into your bag and voila! You have shoes for the travel home. You could even travel with two pairs since they’re so small!

18. Inflatable footrest

A plane must-have if you have kids! This helps you make a little bed for them – or makes it so they can put their legs straight forward. Bonus, you can take it to the beach for a footrest or seat for you. Goodness, do I love multi-purpose items!

19. Travel organizer for electronics

The more pockets the better, honestly. I am a mostly messy person, but I love putting all cords and chargers in this thing.

20. Reusable shopping bags

Again with the multipurpose! This is a set of 10 that are foldable and can hold up to 50 pounds. Put one in your suitcase, Your carry-on, your purse, your car, your kid’s backpack. Put one everywhere. Or two even. They come in so handy for groceries, wet swimsuits, and leaky anything. An affordable gift.

Gifts for Travel lovers

Technology & Gadgets

21. Portable power bank

    This one is 4.7 stars with over 75,000 people buying, that’s a no-brainer to me a portable charger for the frequent traveler.

22. Wireless earbuds

    I’m a firm believer in not traveling with anything you’d cry about losing, but you desperately want this for long flights, so I would leave my Apple ones at home and use my skullcandy ones.

23. Kindle or e-reader

    But why not just use your phone? Because the battery last much longer, the lighting is better for your eyes, and then you are taking up unnecessary space on your phone. Plus they often have discounted refurbished ones. The perfect gift for your book-tok friends.

24. Compact digital camera

 Pass this around to capture memories from various perspectives by passing around a compact camera.

25. Smartphone lens kit

I’ve had this for probably 5 years – It’s fun to bust out the super macro, or the wide lens. Just to get different photos on your trip! Plus it’s super small, it’ll definitely fit in your day pack.

26. Travel router and portable Wi-Fi hotspot

I did a lot of research before I landed on this one, one because of power, versatility, and size. 

27. Waterproof phone case

If water is in your future, just grab this guy, okay thanks and your cell phone will be safe.

28. Solar charger

Love love love this, and has come in handy more times than I could count.

29. GPS tracker for luggage or valuables

Tile is multi-purpose, waterproof and might just be the piece of mind you need for your belongings.

30. Multi-device charging station

Want the wireless magnetic foldable one? Or this cute storage type travel one? Your new multiple usb ports will be so pleased for your next trip.

Gifts for Travel lovers

Travel Clothing & Apparel

31. Lightweight, packable jacket

For women up to size 3x; For men; And Unisex

32. Quick-dry travel towel

The most versatile travel accessory! This one comes in multiple sizes and colors. This can be an emergency pillow, a shawl, a blanket, a place to set wet things. So many uses making it a great gift!

33. Moisture-wicking clothing

Look at the Real Essentials line on Amazon, lots of options! This fort me is one of the most practical gift you van give.

34. Travel scarf with hidden pocket

I love to have at least one of my credit cards and my ID in a place that can’t be stolen, unless I was stolen 🙂 and a scarf is one of the best places!

35. Foldable sun hat

The best time (and only time?!)  for a bucket hat!!

36. Travel-friendly shoes

My favorite!  And for the men

37. Waterproof shoe covers

Very small and very travelable! Is this the answer to your unique gifts?

38. Versatile, multi-use wrap: Gator, Scarf, Mask

You use the use – but a great piece of fabric to have around, and comes in different colors.

39. Ultralight rain poncho

Especially useful if you know you’ll be in rainy places! Sometimes the raincoat isn’t enough.

40. Packable daypack

Small enough to take around until you need it!

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Entertainment & Learning

41. Travel-themed books or novels

I couldn’t possibly answer what travel books to buy with in one link! So ready my article 77 Best Free Auidobooks for Road Trips – The list isn’t just for a road trip. They’re a good idea for any travel experience!

42. Travel-themed movies or documentaries

Maybe it’s Wild? Maybe its Free Solo? Too many to choose.

43. Language learning app subscription

The only option 🙂  and can be helpful for international flights that often are quite long!

44. Travel board games

The. Best. For. All. each Family Member to enjoy!

45. Travel-themed adult coloring book

Lonely Planet is always helpful! Don’t forget the colored pencils for this hotel room activity.

46. Portable travel watercolor set

It’s so cute!

47. Travel Journal

Cool retro style to keep all your travel memories!

48. Scratch-off world map

Decoration and travel, yes! This can be a unique gift that even the most avid travelers don’t have.

49. Online travel photography course

UDemy has lots of options for your travel photographers in your life.

50. Audiobook subscription

Audible, everyone’s favorite book lover’s gift!

Gifts for Travel lovers

Health & Safety

51. Travel-sized first aid kit

You need this. I have one in my car and in my suitcase all the time. I am accident prone – but still happy to be prepared than bleeding as you walk into a pharmacy.

52. Personal water filter or purification system

Mini guy is cute, isn’t it?

53. Travel insurance plan

What you need in travel insurance will change depending on the trip. Check out Forbes’ list.

54. Hand sanitizer

Purse and daypack ready! 

55. Mosquito repellent and insect bite relief

Depending on where you go, you might need a small amount of deet. Hopefully you won’t need it a lot and can use the safer one the most.

56. Sunscreen 

 One for your face, one for your purse, one for the all day outside! Use code CLEANFORALL20 to save 20% off* your first order!

57. Travel-sized sewing kit

Can come in very handy for lots of uses.

58. Collapsible umbrella

Travel umbrella for everyone!

59. Portable door lock

Some places you want a little extra security – this door guy is incredible.

60. Personal safety alarm

Another pivotal safety item for everyone.

Experiences & Services

61. Travel gift cards or vouchers

Airbnb Gift Cards, Gas Cards, Airbnb Experience gift card

62. Subscription to a travel magazine

Conde Nast Traveler; National Geographic – these are a good idea for the holiday season. It’s the gift that keeps on gifting.

63. Customized travel itinerary planning

Planning for everyone – could be one of the best travel gifts you could buy. Helping a traveler in the best way: planning and organizing!

I hope these gift ideas for travel lovers in 2023 help you find the perfect presents for your favorite traveler. Whether it’s practical gear, entertaining gadgets, or unique experiences, there’s something special for every travel enthusiast. Happy gifting and may your loved ones have incredible journeys filled with unforgettable memories!

*Offer valid at the time of writing; some exclusions apply, like already discounted sets and new products. Check the terms and conditions for more details.

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