It’s been a year on the road as a digital nomad! It went so fast.

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I started my nomad life one year ago, and it is almost surreal to write that! Let’s talk about what I’ve learned this past year, what’s next and what I’ve been up to!

Show Notes

It’s been quite a journey over the past year, filled with exciting experiences and new places. Season two of the podcast starts with sharing what I’ve been up to and what I’ve learned during my adventures. After exploring Wisconsin, Canada, Toronto, New York, Maryland, and Asheville, I’ve realized that the ocean is my happy place. Being near the coast is essential for me, and I’m currently considering returning to a spot I loved last year.

As a digital nomad, finding the right accommodation has been crucial. After some hiccups with Airbnb, I eventually found a place in Asheville that made me super happy, and it even helped me save around $600 a month. My main goal now is to find a more sustainable home base so that I can make strides to one of my long term goals: owning my own house or condo – near the ocean. obvi.

Planning ahead has been essential in keeping costs down, but I’ve also learned that being close to a major city is a priority for me. Staying off the Airbnb platform for longer stays has proven beneficial, and I’m looking forward to spending more time in places with good rental options.

Throughout my travels, I’ve discovered that there are like-minded people everywhere. Even in my loneliest of times – you really can just go outside and find people! Book clubs, cafes it doesn’t take much to make a new friend.

One of the things that has changed because there are so many ticks. I just can’t even. I can now pick them up – which feels like a big deal! I used to be sort of squeamish.

This is the longest I’ve had consistent income. And it has been mindblowing – I didn’t realize how much I was living in a constant state of “how much money do I have – how much do I need – will this be enough?” it’s taken a huge weight off my shoulders that I didn’t even know was there.

I bought myself LAZER hair removal for my birthday 🙂 kind of a whim. But cool anyway. And i’m looking into amazon influencer – listen I want all the income stream!
Thanks for tuning in – I’ll be doing more podcasts over the next few months – feel free to subscribe to get updates for when I post XX

Thanks for tuning in, and until next time, take care and keep exploring!

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