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Why to Rent Nuuly | My honest Clothing Rental Review

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Here’s my honest nuuly review – because as a digital nomad, finding the perfect clothing for every occasion can be a daunting task. I want to only travel with a small amount of clothes because it’s annoying to have to take 7,000 trips to the car for each new place we go to!  And I also want to look cute on dates or dress up for formal events. And then I stumbled upon Nuuly, a monthly clothing subscription service that promised to bring the latest fashion right to my doorstep. Best of all the plus-size offerings are quite amazing. Intrigued by the prospect of trying new styles from brands like Free People and Anthropologie without committing to purchasing them, I decided to give Nuuly a shot. In my full Nuuly review, I’ll share my experience with Nuuly, its fantastic offerings, and why it has become an indispensable part of my wardrobe.

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What is Nuuly?

Nuuly started in 2019 and is an Urban Outfitters clothing rental subscription service. Nuuly is a unique rental service that allows subscribers to rent new clothes from a wide selection of brands for the entire month. This means you can rotate your wardrobe, try new items for different occasions, and explore new brands without splurging on retail prices. Whether it’s dressing up for special events or simply trying something different, Nuuly has a curated collection for every body type and personal style. Larger sizes and maternity clothing too.

The First Impression 

Signing up for Nuuly was a breeze. I loved that I could see what was available to rent before I signed up – it kind of fed my online shopping love!! I loved the selection of special event outfits and everyday wear. The website had a user-friendly interface, making it easy to customize my order based on my preferences. Best of all you can sort by occasion, weather, and what’s available right now. That really helped the decision fatigue y’all. No surprise I wanted way more than my 6 pieces! 

Nuuly Review

The Experience

From the first order to my doorstep was less than a week of travel time – that’s a fast shipping time. The first thing I noticed was that it was in this cute-zipper bag, the clothes are just folded inside it. The return shipping label is inside – but it’s all reusable items! Such a good thing to be eco-conscience forward.

The other best part of the Nuuly subscription was the flexibility it offered. Being a digital nomad, I often find myself in different settings, from beachside cafes, dates, to full on winter hiking. Plus, I try and be business on the top for my remote job, which means it can get pretty boring with only the same pieces. Nuuly allowed me to choose clothing items suited for specific occasions, ensuring I never had to wear the same outfit twice.

For special events, I could rent exquisite dresses and outfits that were sure to make a statement. With Nuuly, I could feel like I was shopping for new clothes every month, thanks to the constantly updated inventory of fresh and trendy styles.

On my first order, I tried: 2 dresses, 1 skirt, 1 blouse, 1 tank top, and a pair of shorts. For my first time with Nuuly, I was super impressed with my first month! I’m excited to pick out my next month’s pieces because I have a Beautycounter event that requires a couple of party dresses!

Nuuly Subscription Model

For the monthly subscription fee of $98 dollars, you get 6 pieces shipped to you, and your subscription continues until you cancel it. You can take a vacation from Nuuly and pause anytime. Since I could drop $98 on a fancy dinner, have that as the monthly fee to have 6 new pieces of clothing to wear seems like a no-brainer! One of the bonuses for the program is you can buy the pieces if you’d like at a discounted price. My 6 pieces for my first order ranged from a buying discount from 15% off all the way to 41% off! That’s pretty impressive. 

​Wear your clothes for the money, at the end of the month return the items to the reusable bag and drop it off for return! Easy. Peasy.

I did like one of the skirts enough that I found it on Poshmark for an even bigger discount and bought it 🙂 

Start Shopping


The Nuuly Con’s

So the only con I saw, which might not be a con for you either, but the dresses and skirts did come on the wrinkly side of things. And my current Airbnb doesn’t have an iron. The tops were both thick enough that they didn’t wrinkle.

Renting Process & Additional Items

The process of renting through Nuuly was straightforward. After selecting my items, they arrived promptly in a reusable bag, which as I said was an awesome eco-friendly touch. The clothing items were in good condition, and it was evident that Nuuly took great care of its inventory. I loved the option of adding extra items to my Nuuly order at an additional charge. It was a great way to experiment with new brands and styles without breaking the bank – you can add up to 4 more pieces for only $20 each. What’s also cool is there is a hanger icon on each item that you look through that when you press it – it’ll add to your closet! This is another place where when you go and look at your closet you can also see what’s available at that moment.

Nuuly Review

Dry Cleaning & Return Process

Another major plus point was the convenience of the return process. Nuuly takes care of the dry cleaning, so all I had to do was pack the items back into the reusable bag and drop it off at a designated location. This was a huge time saver and eliminated the need to worry about finding a nearby dry cleaner while traveling. One you have dropped it off at ups, Nuuly will charge your for your next month and you can immediately put in your next order!

Nuuly Thrift

One cool thing the Nuuly company has down is created Nuuly Thrift. A place to buy and sell items in this great resale marketplace. What a great way for them to retire their old subscription clothing pieces so that other people can buy them too! Their options for vintage pieces are pretty awesome.

The Summar-Y-Y-Y

In conclusion, Nuuly has been a game-changer for me as a digital nomad with a passion for fashion. The subscription offers a vast selection of high-quality clothing from popular brands, new designers, and special occasion wear. The convenience of renting clothes and trying new styles each month, combined with excellent customer service and a seamless return process, has made Nuuly an essential part of my fashion journey.

If you’re someone who loves to explore new styles, attend special events in stunning outfits, and experience the joy of dressing up without cluttering your bank account or closet, I highly recommend giving Nuuly a try. Happy renting!

Disclaimer: This blog is not sponsored or endorsed by Nuuly. It is solely based on the author’s personal experience and opinion.

Nuuly Review

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